Visual Associate

Visual Associate
Hingham, Massachusetts - US

Job Description

.The Visual Associate will collaborate with the Director and Manager of Visual Merchandising and Senior Store Management to develop and execute presentations consistent with the Brand and aligned with the Seasonal message. The Visual Associate will be responsible for assisting the Manager Visual Merchandising in developing presentation for their assigned areas of the business, so that they can develop strong standards and techniques that are applicable to that level of the business. This position impacts the creative perception of brand and sales results and the effectiveness to drive traffic to the brand.

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Develop new concepts for visual merchandising based on seasonal fashion trends and work with the Director and Manager Visual Merchandising to develop and evolve concepts for visual presentation and visual display.

  • Set an example of excitement, enthusiasm and knowledge toward Talbot's product and demonstrate a clear understanding of Talbots image.

  • Work with merchandise samples, prior to delivery to stores, to develop concepts for store merchandise presentation.

    • Develop semi-monthly formats for floor-sets, merchandising techniques, fixture presentation and placement.

    • Develop additional methods for disseminating merchandising information to stores on an ongoing basis.

  • Assist in the flow of product information to the field by contributing to "Talbots Tips" and Visual Bulletins.

  • Work with the Visual Managers to develop viable merchandising techniques for new Talbot's concepts and business.

    • Identify sales opportunities; develop methodologies to maximize sales based on analysis of sell-through.

    • Develop formats to communicate merchandising and display direction for each specialized area or business (as assigned).

  • Work with Manager to develop changes or additions to visual presentation standards through Visual Publications.

  • Direct merchandise set-up and visual display at new store openings.

  • Provide input, on an ongoing basis, to broaden assortment and usage of visual props in visual display. Research and find new resources and methods to improve visual presentation.

  • Target needs for furniture, props, etc., in the field and make recommendations to Visual leaders for furniture and props, and fixtures.

Job Requirements

  • College degree in a related field and three to five years equivalent related experience.

  • Previous experience in store management with an emphasis on visual presentation and display.

  • Knowledge of fashion and fashion trends, creative ability and excellent communication skills.

  • Ability to maintain effective job performance and provide maximum output.

  • Requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Requires the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

  • Requires the ability to teach, train and develop positions with direct reporting structure.

  • Travel to the field when appropriate.

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